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  • 23/06/22

    What parents need to know about esports

    What parents need to know about esports  Free Online Safety Guide Some 73 million people watched the League of Legends 2021 World Championship Final – which, for context, is around three-quarters of the total audience for that year’s NFL Super Bowl. So esports is demonstrably...
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  • 16/06/22

    What parents needs to know about Twitch

    The most popular channels focus (perhaps predictably) on Fortnite, League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto and Valorant – but whatever franchise someone favours, Twitch makes it easy to find fellow devotees to share gaming experiences with in real-time, learning from each other and swapping tips a...
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  • 08/06/22

    SUMMER 2022 delivery of Walsall Holiday Activity and Food Programme (HAF)

    See below updates for summer delivery ! HAF is a free and exciting holiday programme for children and young people aged 5 to 16 who are eligible for benefit related free school meals. The programme is running over Easter (1 week), summer (4 weeks) and Christmas (1 week) school holidays. The Depar...
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  • 07/06/22

    What Parents Need to Know about the Metaverse

    A metaverse is essentially a parallel universe – but in digital format. Simple right? So how does it work? What should parents be aware of? And should children be allowed to experience them? Find out with this guide. 
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  • 26/05/22

    What parents need to know about cross-platform sharing of inappropriate content

    Anyone can post anything online. It’s simultaneously one of the internet’s most joyous qualities and one of its greatest perils. For every upload that’s heart-warming, helpful or just plain hilarious, you’ll find – unfortunately – an equal amou...
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  • 19/05/22

    What parents need to know about Discord

    Launched in 2015, Discord has steadily emerged as a major player in the online communication marketplace – certainly as far as gamers are concerned. Indeed, with the ability to coordinate gameplay and talk tactics with multiple fellow players in real time, it has also become the collaborative...
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  • 12/05/22

    What Parents Need to Know about Group Chats

    A free online safety guide on group chats. 
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  • 12/05/22

    Online Safety for Under 5s: 10 Top Tips for Parents and Carers

    A free online safety guide on online safety for under 5s. 
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  • 26/01/22

    National Apprenticeship Week: 7th-11th February 2022

    Apprenticeships are a safe and secure alternative route to university. They offer a wage, holiday pay, benefits, cover study fees and offer practical experience alongside the theory of study.
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  • 10/12/21

    On-Site Lateral flow testing & Phased return to school from Tuesday 4th January 2022

    Key Information for all parents/guardians/carers - Phased return to school from Tuesday 4th January 2022
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  • 12/11/21

    One Palfrey Big Local - 12/11/2021

    One Palfrey Big Local Latest News
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  • 04/11/21

    SAVE THE DATE: Safer Internet Day 2022 will be on 8th February

    Safer Internet Day 2022 will be celebrated with the theme ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’.
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