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Joseph Leckie Academy

  • Leadership, Empathy, Community, Kindness, Integrity & Environment

Academy Values

Our Motto

Learn together, lead together.

Our Vision 

We are a community with the courage to learn and lead together. We believe in equality of opportunity and support the achievement and wellbeing of all. We work to improve ourselves and each other, acting with integrity, empathy and kindness and celebrating one another’s successes. We care for our surroundings and believe in our ability to inspire as well as achieve.  

Our Mission

At Joseph Leckie Academy, we will: 

  • Promote our values of empathy, kindness and integrity.
  • Value ourselves and each other equally.
  • Set high expectations, promote values-driven leadership and encourage a strong sense of community so that every member of the academy can achieve highly and flourish.
  • Ensure that every student leaves education with the qualifications, knowledge and skills required to make positive lifestyle choices, to lead healthy and successful lives and to contribute to positively society, enriching their lives and the lives of others.
  • Act as guardians of our academy and the wider environment so that future generations may continue to benefit from enjoy the highest quality resources and opportunities.

Our Core Values



We believe in taking positive action and leading others, doing what is right and taking responsibility for our actions.


We believe in putting ourselves in the shoes of others and thinking carefully about how our actions will affect other people.


We believe that everything we do should be done in partnership with and for the benefit of our community. We work closely together with members of the community towards a common purpose.


We believe that being kind to others and to ourselves is essential for a harmonious thriving community.


We believe in being honest, doing things properly, fairly and for the right reasons.


We believe that we have a responsibility to protect and enhance our local, national and global environment and are passionate about leaving things in a better way than we found them.

The co-operation of parents/carers is imperative. To help us achieve the best for our students we ask that you:

  • Get in touch with the Academy straight away if you have any concerns whatsoever.
  • Monitor your son/daughter’s homework and speak to us if you have any queries.
  • Ensure that your son/daughter is punctual and well presented by adhering to our Academy Uniform policy.
  • Make every effort possible to join us at Academy events, such as Parent’s Evening and other events to increase our parental engagement.
  • Keep us updated of any changes in your details, such as telephone/email/address changes. This is especially important in case of emergencies.
  • Work with us wherever possible to ensure that your son/daughter reaches their full potential, during their time here at Joseph Leckie Academy.