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Sixth Form Options

Sixth Form Option Grid 2021-2022

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for the 20-21 Academic year.

Available Courses 

Joseph Leckie Academy Sixth Form offers a comprehensive suite of Level Three A level and vocational qualifications to appeal to all students of all abilities. An overview of our comprehensive range of courses is provided here. For further information, the course booklet provides full details of specific course content and methods of assessment.

A levels offer an academic and traditional route to university with a final examination, whilst vocational subjects offer a modern equivalent for students who may prefer coursework based or on-going formative assessment.

A Level Choices

A levels offer a traditional and academic route to higher education. They are widely recognised as the accepted standard for university entry and are based on the 9-5 model of assessment. Examinations are taken, in most cases, only at the end of two years study. This makes A levels an attractive proposition for students who have achieved 5 grades 5-9 including English and Maths and who fare well in final examinations. We offer a large range of A level courses across a varied curriculum.

Students opting for A level courses will normally choose three subjects (four by agreement), following all courses through to the end of the two-year programme of study. 

UCAS A level points range from 56 (A*) to 16 (E). We do not offer AS examination, except in a select subject areas. 

Choices include:


Vocational Choices

Modern vocational subjects are equivalent to A levels in terms of UCAS points. Vocational subjects offer some examination content, but with an increased focus on coursework. Students who prefer an ongoing method of assessment, as opposed to examinations at the end of two years, may prefer the study style of vocational qualifications. 

Students opting for vocational qualifications follow a two year programme in two specific areas, opting for one subject at single level (one A level equivalent) and a second subject at double level (two A level equivalent); meaning that they achieve UCAS points equivalent to three A levels at the end of two years study. Universities are increasingly keen to make offers to students who have studied at least one subject "in greater depth." Our vocational offer means that students are able to apply to Russell Group universities. 

Students opting for BTEC courses may choose either the Extended Certificate (Single Award) or Diploma (Double Award). Below are Sixth Form vocational subjects we offer and their values. 

All students who fail to meet the minimum standard of a Grade 4 (C) in English and/or Mathematics will be timetabled additional lessons in order to improve their GCSE grade in these subjects in order to achieve a "good" pass.