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Black History Month 2023

Black History Month 2023 at Joseph Leckie Academy

Black women have been at the heart of social justice movements throughout history, courageously battling oppression and advocating for change. However, their accomplishments have frequently been neglected or forgotten. Black History Month 2023 offers a significant opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding achievements of black women by focusing on honouring the matriarchs of movements and saluting our sisters.

1. Kamala Harris, First black woman to be vice-president.

2. Cocoa Girl, first UK black girls magazine

3. Fay Allen: Britain's first ever black policewoman

4. Emma Clarke: UK’s first black female footballer

5. Jessikah Inaba: UK's first blind, black, female barrister .

6. Judge Ketanji Brown to be first black woman appointed to US Supreme Court 

7. Marsai Martin youngest person to serve as an executive producer on a major Hollywood film

8. Michelle Obama, first black woman to be First Lady of the United States

9. Dr Shirley Jackson, physicist.

10. Madame C.J. Walker: The First Black Millionairess

11. Harriet Tubman, leader of the Underground railroad.

12. Barbara Walker, artist.

13. Katherine Johnson, NASA mathematician

14. Mary McLeod Bethune: Fighting for Equality in the Classroom and Beyond.

15. Sojourner Truth, Fierce Warrior for Social Justice

16. Shirley Chisholm: First black female to run for president

17. Ida B. Wells, Journalist and Anti-Lynching activist

18. Story of Ballerina Llanchie Stevenson

19. Nneka Akudolu: The sixth, black, female QC in the UK

20. Bernadine Evaristo, writer.

21. Yvonne Conolly: Britain's first black Headteacher

22. Bessie Coleman, first black female pilot

23. The Ivory Bangle Lady 400AD

24. Simone Biles: American four-time Olympic champion.

25. Windrush Pioneer: Dame Jocelyn Barrow

26. Introducing: Baroness Doreen Lawrence – Finding the Inner Strength

27. Nicola Adams. Olympic gold medal-winning boxer

28. Olivette Otele, first black female professor in the UK

29. Mary Prince: first black woman to publish her autobiography

30. Lilian Bader: one of the first Black women to join the British armed forces.

31. Olive Morris: political activist

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