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Statistics GCSE (AQA 8382)

Statistics GCSE is an additional GCSE which develops the skills in this important mathematical field.

For those students who would like to study subjects such as: Biology, Psychology, Business, Geography and Economics, the study of GCSE Statistics will help your understanding of key mathematical concepts which will enhance your understanding of these subjects.

Furthermore, there is an overlap with this subject and the Core GCSE Mathematics, so study in Statistics will improve your understanding of mathematics overall.

Course Content

Summarising data

  • averages
  • range, quartiles, percentiles
  • standard deviation

Representing data with

  • bar charts
  • line charts
  • time series
  • scatter graphs
  • cumulative frequency
  • histograms

Analysing data with

  • Spearman’s rank

Using probability

  • likelihood
  • conditional probability
  • tree diagrams
  • Venn diagrams
  • Binomial distribution
  • Normal distribution
  • Sample distributions


The course is assessed by two examinations, each one hour and 45 minutes long. There are two tiers of entry however we are only offering the higher tier at present. Therefore, good assessment grades during KS3 are necessary to be accepted on the course.


Statistics is a vital component of most professions, with sciences, medicine engineering and humanities all requiring these skills.