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OCR GCSE Computer Science

Students will follow the OCR GCSE Computer Science specification.

This is a rigorous and challenging qualification that aims to give students a thorough understanding of computational thinking and algorithms. Students will have the opportunity to build their own programs to help solve problems of given tasks and develop a greater awareness of the rapidly changing computing field. Content covered is widespread and includes software development, cyber security, and systems architecture.

This is a high intensity, mathematically and logic driven course that requires a tolerant aptitude and a methodical approach to solving problems. Students must be willing to invest their time outside of school hours in order to develop their generic I.T based skills. 


The course offers a multitude of progression opportunities including: further chance to study Computing/Computer Science at A level, apprenticeships or HND courses in a niche area of computing, i.e. software engineering.

Or even, the knowledge to become the C.E.O of your own company! 

For Example:

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Creator) studied Computer Science at Harvard University.

Sergey Brin (Google Co-Founder) studied Computer Science at Stanford University.

Course Content

Component 1 – Computer Systems

Written paper: 1 hour 30 minutes (50% of total GCSE – 80 Marks)

Component 2 – Computational thinking, algorithms, and programming

Written paper: 1 hour and 30 minutes (50% of total GCSE – 80 Marks)


The course consists of two core examined components.

Each examination is worth 50% of the final grade and will assess the pupil’s knowledge and understanding of computational thinking, problem-solving and programming, alongside computing fundamentals such as a computer structure, data representation and networking.

Practical Programming will also be featured giving students the opportunity to undertake programming tasks.

Support and direction for students is available continuously throughout the duration of the course by specialist subject staff.