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AQA Computer Science

Students will follow the AQA GCSE Computer Science specification.

This is a rigorous and challenging qualification that aims to give students a thorough understanding of computational principles. Students will have the opportunity to build their own applications (including those for mobile/tablet) and develop a greater awareness of the rapidly changing computing field. Content covered is wide spread and includes: software development, cyber security and computer structure.

This is a high intensity, mathematically and logic driven course that requires a tolerant aptitude and a methodical approach to solving problems. Students must be willing to invest their time outside of school hours in order to develop their generic I.T based skills. 


The course offers a multitude of progression opportunities including: further chance to study Computing/Computer Science at A level, apprenticeships or HND courses in a niche area of computing, i.e. software engineering.

Or even, the knowledge to become the C.E.O of your own company! 

For Example:

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Creator) studied Computer Science at Harvard University.

Sergey Brin (Google Co-Founder) studied Computer Science at Stanford University.

Course Content

Component 1 – Computational thinking and Programming Skills (2 hour Examination)

Component 2 – Computing Concepts (1 Hour 45 Minute Examination)



The course consists of two core examined components.

Each examination is worth 50% of the final grade and will assess the pupils knowledge and understanding of computational thinking, problem-solving and programming, alongside computing fundamentals such as a computer structure, data representation and networking.

Support and direction for students is available continuously throughout the duration of the course by specialist subject staff.