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A-Level Results FAQs

1)      Do I need to come into the Academy?

In general, the answer to this is NO. You will have received your results by email this morning and you can email any questions you have to your teachers etc. If you have got a place in your next stage of education/apprenticeship etc. then you are not required to come into the Academy. You should know if this is not the case, and you will be able to see whether you have met the grades you needed for your conditional offer. 

The only students who need to come into the Academy are:

                1.) A-Level/BTEC students who have not got their university place and need assistance to go through clearing etc. 

                2.) GCSE students who have been offered a place in our sixth form, but have not met the grades required

                3.) GCSE students who have been offered a place in our sixth form, but want to change their options based on their results

If you do fit into these categories, you need to call reception and make an appointment to see the relevant staff on site- most likely Mr Greaves or Mrs Field- then please attend at your required appointment time. 

If you do not fit into these categories, then there is no need for you to attend. Please do not come onto the Academy site.

2)      Have I got a place in the sixth form?

This depends on whether you have already applied and been interviewed/offered a place. If you have not applied then the answer is no- we are full. If you have applied, then you will now know whether you have reached the grades that were on your conditional offer letter. If you have met the grades you don’t need to do anything and can attend Year 12 on September 3rd, which is the first day of the new Academy year for you. If you have been offered a place, but haven’t met the grades required, you need to call the Academy on results day and make an appointment with Mrs Field or Mr Greaves to discuss your place.

3)      How was my result worked out? 

As is the case with all national results this year, exam awarding bodies used a combination of the following in order to generate your grades:

  • 2017-19 previous results of the Academy
  • Previous results of similar centres 
  • Previous results of the candidate in external exams taken 2017-19
  • Centre Assessed Grades provided by your teachers based on classroom and internal assessment performance. 
  • A rank order provided by your teachers based on classroom and internal assessment performance. 

They were submitted grades by us in June, but have used their own algorithms to generate grades, so you may not have received the same grade we submitted.

4)      I am not happy with the results I was given, can I appeal?

There is an appeals process in line with the government guidance. You can see the Academy appeals procedure on the Academy website, in the section entitled ‘examinations’, which also contains additional information about receiving these current exam results.

5)    I am not happy with the results I was given, can I sit these exams now?

You have been given results that were decided on by a combination of your teacher’s predictions, based on the work you have been completing over the whole course, and the exam board’s decisions, based on national, regional, Academy and your own past results. If you are not happy with the results, you can sit exams in October (A-Levels) and November (GCSEs). However, you must be aware that there will be no additional teaching for you to do this and you will need to revise and prepare for this outside of Academy time. Sitting exams will be difficult at this time, as you will have started new courses and many of you will have left. We advise that, in order to sit these exams, you first of all have a meeting with the teachers from the subjects you intend to sit to hear whether they consider it a good option. If you would like to sit the exams, please email and a member of staff will contact you to discuss your options. You need to discuss this as a matter of urgency- please see question 6 below.

6) If I do want to resit, when will I need to tell the Academy?

If you have discussed the potential to sit exams with your teacher/parents and have concluded that you want to do this, you will need to let the school know of your intention to enter as soon as possible. We have set deadlines of Friday August 28th for A-Level resit entries and Friday 11th September for GCSE resit entries. No entries will be accepted after those dates. 

7) I am not happy with the results I was given, can I please have the grades that I was given by the Academy (Centre Assessed Grades)?

Yes, you can have your Centre Assessed Grades, if you require them. In order to be sent these, there is a form that you will need complete on the website. You have been sent the link to this on an email on results day. Please complete this as quickly as possible. 

8) I want to see my friends today. Can I come into school?

No, if you do not meet any of the requirements outlined above in terms of entry to the sixth form or UCAS Clearing requirements, then you do not need to come into the Academy. The Academy has to abide by existing Covid-19 and social distancing guidelines and is therefore required to keep the number of students down to the bare minimum. We are sad that you will not have this opportunity to celebrate finishing school with your friends and we are looking into the ways that we can have a celebration evening, which you will be invited to, during the coming school year.

9) What social distancing guidelines do I have to follow if I come into school on results day?

If you are required to come into the Academy on results day, then you will need an appointment to come onto site. If you just need to collect results, you can do this from reception in the New Academy Building, but only if you cannot print or access them at home, where they will be given to you in an envelope. If you need to discuss one of the outlined requirements with a teacher, then you will need to make an appointment over the phone, by calling the Academy on (01922) 721071. Please then only attend at your appointment time. If there is a queue, this will be outside the building (weather permitting) and at 2m distances, as shown by the lines on the floor. If the weather is poor, those waiting will be asked to wait in the new Library area and again at 2m distances. Good hand hygiene should be observed and hand sanitizer pumps as well as hand washing facilities will be provided onsite. As soon as you have completed your business on site, you will be escorted off site and should head home.

10) I have some gifts/cards for my wonderful teachers and would like to give them to them. Can I come into the Academy? 

Wow! This is amazing and we love gifts… However, due to the need to keep numbers low, this is not the time for this to happen- can I suggest that you email your teachers and maybe there will be opportunity to come and see them at a point in the new academic year. We are sorry that these unique circumstances have taken these opportunities away from you, but we are having to abide by guidelines that none of us ever expected. There will be a celebration later in the year, where all of you will have the opportunity to see each other and your teachers.