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BTEC Business

BTEC Business Extended Certificate (1 A-Level equivalent),

BTEC Business Diploma (2 A-Levels equivalent),

BTEC Business Extended Diploma (3 A-Levels equivalent)

Entry Requirements

Minimum of 5 grade 4’s at GCSE or equivalent.  Level 2 Pass or equivalent in your chosen study subject is preferred.

Course Description

The BTEC Business courses will give students an insight of how businesses operate on a day to day basis.  Students will understand what it takes to make a particular business run smoothly.  They will explore the background of successful businesses and understand how a company can excel. Students will be given the opportunity to create a marketing campaign as well as a business plan and they will develop key employability skills.  They will also look at the financial elements of a business, to understand the activities which can have an influence on the decisions made when a business is expanding or contracting.


Extended Certificate: 4 units of work – 2 internally assessed coursework units, 2 externally assessed examination units.

Diploma: 8 units of work – 5 internally assessed coursework units, 3 externally assessed examination units.

Extended Diploma: 13 units of work – 9 internally assessed coursework units, 4 externally assessed examination units.

Career Opportunities

After completing this course learners can continue in further education, start an apprenticeship or look forward to the world of work. This course will aid the learner in the following careers: Business, Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, Finance, Procurement, Administration, Logistics, Web Design, Research & Development, Retail, Education and learners wanting to start up their own business where they can become the next big entrepreneur, or even the next company to make a million..

Course Details

For more information please contact Mr B Edge, Head of Business Studies & ICT in Business 3.