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Government Politics

Entry Requirements

Minimum of 5 grade 5 at GCSE or equivalent with English and maths.  Grade 6 in a humanities subject is preferred.

Course Description

The A-Level course is a new specification provided by AQA that is both informative and enjoyable. It provides an excellent introduction and overview of British politics as well as US political systems and issues. There are three units, which also visit theoretical political belief systems. These are outlined below:

Unit 1- The Government and Politics of the UK

Why and how people get involved in politics, why people vote the way they do and how class, ethnicity and religion can affect the way people are political in Britain. Also, protest and pressure groups and the way they can affect political outcomes. The way the British political system is organised and run, such as the workings of parliament and the attitudes and policies of the main political parties.

Unit 2-The Government and Politics of the USA

A chance to compare our political system with another of the world democracies. This will be a critical approach to the US political system which will allow students to analyse and understand the US system in the same way as they have our own. How party ideologies and ideals have developed. This also provides scope to look at the more extremist sections of world politics and why they stand where they do on the political spectrum.

Unit 3- Political Ideas

The ideas and works of political thinkers including Marx, Nietzsche, Webb and Rousseau amongst others. The key political beliefs, theories and principles of conservatism, socialism, liberalism, nationalism, feminism,multiculturalism, anarchism and ecologism.


All three units will be assessed at the end of the course. Each of the units are equally weighted.

Career Opportunities

  • Career Politician
  • Armed Forces
  • International Business
  • Civil Servant
  • Journalism
  • Teaching
  • Law
  • European Union
  • Councillor
  • International Relations
  • Police
  • Magistrate

Course Details

For more information  please contact Mrs P Kalirai Head of History, in the Humanities Block