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Technical Award in Textiles

The textiles technical award specification provides students with exposure to different aspects of textile design, allowing them to investigate the uses of various materials and explore these in design scenarios.

Students will develop skills in planning, developing, producing and evaluating various products.

AQA Technical Level

This course is a GCSE equivalent qualification where students will learn a range of textiles based practical tasks.

The course is designed to support and develop a full range of theoretical and practical skills used in everyday working environments.

Any students interested in a career in the textiles industry such as fashion design would find this course beneficial.


Unit 1 is 30% of the total grade

Unit 2 is 30% of the total grade

Unit 3 is 40% of the total grade

Course Content

Unit 1 is a skills demonstration, made up of 12 different criteria including colouring, shaping and joining fabrics.

Unit 2 is an extended making project, showcasing the skills learnt in unit 1 to make a finished product.

Unit 3 is a 1hr 30minute examination  about the fundamentals of fashion and textiles


The course offers progression to A-Level 3D product design and art and design textiles, followed by university or employment in a range of areas such as fashion design, fabric design, TV and stage costume design.