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Joseph Leckie Academy

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BTEC Business Studies

Students will follow the Edexcel Level 2 First Award in Business Studies. They will begin the course in Year 9 and will complete 4 units by the end of Year 11.

The course is designed to provide Level  2 learners with:

  • An understanding of business.
  • An understanding of the roles people play in business.
  • An opportunity to apply learning in a practical and realistic way.
  • Gain confidence by developing independent learning skills.

Edexcel Level 2

The course is equivalent to 1 GCSE qualification during which students will be given the opportunity to develop a range of personal skills gaining access to a range of career and further education opportunities.

Students will use a variety of strategies throughout the course, including collecting data, interpreting data and communicating their findings in different ways. They will work on identifying and developing the links between different aspects of the subject. These skills are in great demand and are recognised and highly valued by employers, colleges and universities.

Course Content

Unit 1: Enterprise in the business world

Unit 2: Finance for business

Unit 3: Promoting a brand

Unit 4: Principles of customer service


The assessment of this course is 75% coursework, which will be assessed internally. Finance for business will be assessed externally, through an online exam system managed by the Academy.


The course aims to give learners the opportunity to progress to higher qualifications such as the Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Nationals or A-levels in Business Studies.