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Joseph Leckie Academy

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Students studying French will work towards gaining a GCSE in French. They will continue to consolidate their basic understanding of French grammar and further extend their vocabulary based knowledge in Year 9.

Students will then deepen these skills during years 10 and 11. Speaking a foreign language is a key skill for any student wishing to go to university and it greatly improves employment potential. The course allows students to increase their global understanding, appreciate different cultures, develop their own native language ability and expand their horizons. It supports them to become well rounded individuals with excellent communication skills.


The course is aiming at developing students’ abilities in all 4 skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and prepares them for the demands of a widening world.

The course is designed to equip students with skills required for further/higher education and employment and gives them lifelong tools to understand and communicate with the world around them.


The course allows progression to A Level French and supports many other qualifications. Many universities and employers value the subject as an extra skill even when not continuing with French to degree level.

Course Content

Theme 1:

  • Health
  • Relationships and Choices

Theme 2:

  • Free Time and the Media
  • Holidays

Theme 3:

  • Home and Local Area
  • Environment

Theme 4:

  • School and Future Plans
  • Current and Future Jobs


Students will be internally assessed on speaking by their own teacher.

The students will be externally examined on the reading, writing and listening aspects of the subject. These skills will be tiered.

Each of the 4 skills are worth 25% of the whole GCSE.