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GCSE Drama

All students opting for drama will study Edexcel GCSE. From Year 9 students will explore a variety of performance styles using scripts as well as making up their own dramas. In Year 10 they begin to explore more challenging scripts and devise plays towards the needed running time. Year 11 students will be assessed on their understanding of the use and performance of drama through three assessments units.

A GCSE in drama prepares students for the outside world and is not just about people who want to be actors. Students will finish the course with added confidence and a strong ability to work as part of a group, also gaining excellent communication skills. All of which are of benefit in higher education and the workplace.

Students opting for the subject should have an interest in drama and appreciate that they will need to perform in front of others.


The qualification allows progression to A Level or performing arts Level 3 qualifications.

Course Content

Component 1 –Devising 40% of marks

Working in groups students will create and perform a piece of drama from a starting point. The performance will last around 15 minutes. Students will also keep a portfolio of evidence from the devising process.

Component 2 –Performing from Text 20% of marks

Working with a script students will create a performance from a play text. The performance is marked by a visiting examiner.

Component 3- Theatre Makers in practice 40% of marks

Students will study how a set text could be performed and answer questions on their interpretation in its performance. Over the course students will visit the theatre and answer two questions about the staging of the performance they saw (notes on the performance can be taken into the exam).


Component 1 is internally assessed and work is then externally moderated.

Assessment for Component 2 is by an external examiner. Students perform their play and are marked on that performance.

Component 3 is a 1 hour 30 minutes written exam.