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Joseph Leckie Academy

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GCSE Design Technology

All students will follow the AQA GCSE specification in Design Technology. They will begin the course in Year 9 and complete it over three years. The course will end with an examination in Year 11.

Product Design is a mixture of practical and theory based work which requires the application of knowledge and understanding regarding how to develop ideas, plan, produce products and evaluate them. Topics studied include;

  • System designing (input, process and output)
  • Material Properties including timbers, metals and polymers
  • New & Emerging Technologies
  • Energy Storage & Generation

The course allows students to develop many skills which will benefit them in pursuing future employment in areas such as architecture, designing, product design and engineering etc.


This course is a GCSE qualification.

The course is designed to support and develop a full range of theoretical and practical skills used in everyday working environments.

Students will be assessed using grades 1-9, see the assessment section for more information.

Course Content

  • The course is split into three key areas
    • Core technical principles
    • Specialist technical principles
    • Designing and making principles
  • Core technical principles cover a range of materials, whilst specialist technical materials covers a specific material area in greater detail.


Unit 1 is a 2 hour written exam paper with a total of 100 marks which equates to 50% of the total GCSE qualification. 20 marks based around multi choice. 30 marks based around technical principles. 50 marks extended responses including a 12 mark design question.

Unit 2 is a 35 hour Non Exam Assessment based around a given task. Marks are awarded for Investigating, designing, making and analysing/evaluating.


The course offers progression to an A-Level  in 3D Product Design and university or employment in a range of areas.