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Joseph Leckie Academy

  • Leadership, Empathy, Community, Kindness, Integrity & Environment


Throughout Year 7 students will be given the opportunity to develop their understanding of history. They will work on developing their research skills as well as their understanding of historical sources and building on previous ideas about History. Lessons will aim to inspire their imagination and develop a desire to learn more about the past in a vibrant environment. Students will be assessed on their historical knowledge and understanding and historical skills including source analysis and interpretations of the past with the aim of making them a more critical historian.

Course Content

Migration - The British People
  • Chronology and Source Skills.
  •  Project on immigration to Britain concerning key immigrant groups.
Mediaeval Britain
  • Medieval Life.
  • The Norman Invasion.
  • The Church and Control.
  • The Story of Thomas Becket.
  • Richard III.
Britain 1500-1750
  • Henry VIII.
  •  Elizabeth I.
  •  The Gunpowder Plot.
  •  The English Civil War.
  •  Cromwell and Restoration.

Gifted and Talented Provision

  • Fully differentiated Schemes of Work.
  •  Hex extension activities and challenging homework research tasks to push the most gifted students.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

  • Trips out of school.
  •  Involvement in History Film Club.
  •  Involvement in school council and debating club.


  • Students are assessed on the projects they complete in area and over the year will be assessed on each programme of study from the National Curriculum.
  •  Assessments will be used to track student progress, inform decisions about sets and create individual targets which will raise their aspirations.

Equipment Required

  • Pen, Pencil, Ruler and an interest in learning about the past!

Useful Websites