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Entry Requirements

'Minimum of 5, 9 -5 Grades at GCSE or equivalent with English and maths. Grade 6 or equivalent in your chosen study subject is preferred.

Course Description

Psychology attempts to explain individual behaviour and uncover general principles. The course will provide a broad introduction to Psychology as a science. It emphasises applying knowledge and understanding and will develop transferable skills of analysis, evaluation and critical thinking.

Students will follow the two year A level course. Following this course will allow students the opportunity to study Social Influence- the ideas of conformity and obedience; Memory- with understanding of how memory works and eye witness testimonies; Attachment- how early years bonds influence behaviour; the different approaches to Psychology; Psychopathology- the study of abnormal behaviour; Biopsychology- the study of the nervous system, endocrine system and fight or flight response.

In the second year of study topics include: Issues and Debates; Biopsychology- looking at localisation and lateralisation of the brain and biological rhythms and three modules which include: Relationships, Eating Behaviour and Aggression.


Students will sit three two hour external exams at the end of Year 13.

 Career Opportunities

  • Psychologist 
  • Health Care
  • Counselling
  • Law /Police /Forensics
  • Politics
  • Teaching
  • Management
  • Journalist
  • Criminologist
  • Solicitor
  • Social Services

...and any other career path that involves dealing with people.

Course Details

For more information please contact Miss R Tranter. Psychology, in her office in the KWB or ext. 225.