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Joseph Leckie Academy

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Entry Requirements

'Minimum of 5, 9 -5 Grades at GCSE or equivalent with English and maths. Grade 6 or equivalent in your chosen study subject is preferred.

Course Description

Students follow the AQA A level Geography syllabus. There are three units across the two years. These are:

Unit 1- Physical Geography

Within this unit students will learn about aspects of the physical world around them. Core topics include water and carbon cycles, coastal systems and landscapes and hazards.

Unit 2- Human Geography

Within this unit students will learn about aspects of the human world around them. Core topics within this unit include global systems and global governance, changing face of the built environment and the interrelationships  between people and the environments in which they live.

Unit 3- Geography Investigation

Students will have the opportunity to research and develop their own depth of knowledge on a geographical topic of issue that interests them. This section ofthe course will require students to complete their own primary and secondary data collection and will involve a field study trip.


Unit 1 and 2 are assessed as terminal, external examinations which will be sat at the end of Year 13. Both of these exams are 2.5 hours long and combined are worth 80% of the total A-Level.

For unit 3, students will be required to produce a report on their chosen geographical issue or concept. This report will be between 3,000 and 4,000 words long and will be assessed internally and then moderated externally. This component is worth 20% of the total A-Level.

Career Opportunities

Opportunities exist in such fields as:

  • Environmental Health
  • Town Planning
  • Management
  • Armed Forces
  • Social Services
  • Journalism
  • Navgator
  • Teaching 
  • Research

Course Details

For more information please contact Miss L Gleeson, Head of Geography in Room 307.