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Joseph Leckie Academy

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Guidance for Information Requests

Our Standards:

  1. Respect the confidentiality of all correspondence.
  2. Whether the information is available or not (subject to policy). We will aim to send a written acknowledgement within 10 days
  3. We will be as informative as possible, using clear and precise language.

Before applying for information please ensure that you know what specific information you require. This will assist in the progressing of your request.

Requests for General Academy Information: please check the Freedom of Information Publication Scheme to see if the information that you require is available on our website. The Academy accepts that requests do not need to mention the FOI Act or refer to ‘Freedom of Information’, but to help us process your request quickly, please clearly mark any correspondence “INFORMATION REQUEST” (in CAPITALS please).

Requests for Personal Information: The Academy accepts that requests can be given verbally or via other mediums. But. to help us process your request quickly we will request that you please use and complete our Subject Access Request (SAR) form to support the process and comply with the need to identify the requester and the data being requested.

If your request is for Personal Information on someone else's behalf, please ensure you enclose an original letter of authorisation from that individual, along with copies of identification documents with the request. We will not request permission from the data subject on your behalf.

If you do not have authorisation from the individual, you will need to provide a lawful purpose. You will need to clearly state the legal basis for the Academy to share the requested information. For example, Section 35 of the Data Protection Act 2018, which allows for disclosure of personal data where there is a requirement to do so by or under any enactment, by rule of law or Order of a Court or in connection with any legal or (including prospective legal proceedings), for obtaining legal advice, or establishing, exercising or defending its legal rights.

Information can only be given to the police with the use of specific paperwork. A WA170 form should be provided by the police showing the nature of the crime and the appropriate authorisation.

Detailed guidance of Freedom of Information and Subject Access Requests is available from the ICO website

For further information, please see the following policies:

  • Information Rights Policy
  • Freedom of Information Policy
  • Publication Scheme
  • Subject Access Request Policy