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Joseph Leckie Academy

  • Leadership, Empathy, Community, Kindness, Integrity & Environment

Pupil Premium

At Joseph Leckie Academy, our main objective is to improve the outcomes from all our learners to ensure all students have the opportunity to achieve to the best of their potential regardless of their personal or social economic background.

Our aim is to use our additional Pupil Premium funding to:

  • Raise the attainment of PP students to narrow the gap between them and their peers by ensuring they are exposed to high quality teaching and learning to enable them to have the opportunity to achieve a neutral or positive Progress 8 score.
  • Raise the aspirations of our PP students by ensuring they are provided with good career guidance and support to develop an understanding and appreciation of the word of work and work towards aspiring goals in lessons.
  • Track the progress of PP students more rigorously and intervene with effective interventions to narrow the attainment gap between PP and Non PP students.
  • Monitor and place early interventions to ensure the Attendance of PP students is in line with the national average.
  • Support our PP students to overcome real and perceived barriers to learning by providing them access to resources and one to one mentoring to improve motivation, resilience and alleviate anxiety.
  • Support the health and well-being of PP students to unlock potential and accelerate progress.
  • Provide our PP students the opportunity to participate in a range of opportunities (internal and external) to ensure they experience an all-round holistic school experience.
  • Improve our parental engagement to support with narrowing the gap and strengthen communication strategies.
  • Ensure during Academy closure (Potential lockdown due to Covid-19), PP students are made priority when assigning electronical devices and internet access to support remote learning in accordance with DFE guidance.
  • Ensure during Academy closure (Potential lockdown due to Covid-19), regular work packs are sent home for PP students who cannot be supported with electronic access; to ensure they are fully engaged in their learning.
  • Ensure during Academy closure (Potential lockdown due to Covid-19), regular contact is made with PP students and parents to provide additional support and reassurance (academically and pastorally.
  • Monitor and measure the impact of strategies in place and continue to share and improve practice.