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Joseph Leckie Academy

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Here at Joseph Leckie Academy, our students wear their uniform with pride. The Academy uniform is available from Clive Mark School Wear in Walsall, Clemmy's of Darlaston and Crested Schoolwear of Walsall.

The Principal and Leadership Team reserve the right to determine whether the uniform and hairstyle of the student meets the Academy standards.

Boys Girls
Bottle Green Blazer Bottle Green Blazer
Academy Badge for the Blazer* Academy Badge for the Blazer*
Academy Tie with House Colours* Academy Tie with House Colours*
White Shirt with Collar White Shirt with Collar
Black Trousers Black Skirt or Trousers 
Sturdy Black Shoes, Which Covers the Foot ( Trainers are not Acceptable) Sturdy Black Low-Heeled Shoes, Which Covers the Foot (Trainers are not Acceptable)
Academy Lanyard & ID Badge*^ Academy Lanyard & ID Badge*^
  Grey Hijab for Years 7-11*
*These items are only available to purchase from Joseph Leckie Academy.
^From September 2020 all students are now provided with a
coloured lanyard to identify their year group and
an ID Badge. These must be worn by students at all times on site. 
(An example is show below)

P.E. Kit Information

Boys Girls

House Colour Polo Shirt with embroidered logo

(Further information on which colour polo shirt to purchase will be made available by the Academy)

House Colour Polo Shirt with embroidered logo

(Further information on which colour polo shirt to purchase will be made available by the Academy)

Plain Black Shorts or Track Trousers Plain Black Shorts or Track Trousers
Plain White Knee Length Football Socks Plain White Knee Length Football Socks
Football Boots & Shin Pads Football Boots & Shin Pads
Pumps or Training Shoes Pumps or Training Shoes
Dark Swimming Trunks Dark Swimming Costume
Maroon Rugby Shirt  
Optional Items:  Swimming Hat
Plain Black Sweatshirt / Sports Jacket Plain Black Sweatshirt / Sports Jacket
Goggles (Swimming) Goggles (Swimming)
Please make sure that your child’s name is on all items of kit (including training shoes) as soon as possible.

Examples of Acceptable and Unacceptable Uniform


Personal Appearance and Uniform Policy

Make up will be minimal.  No fake tan, false nails, false eye lashes or painted nails.  All will be removed / trimmed immediately at the Academy or with parental support following contact.  Students should carry a bag for books and equipment.  No handbags / pouches or similar.

The Academy does not support extreme hairstyles.  This includes, though not exclusively:  unusual patterns / tramlines / eyebrow slits / shapes cut into the hair/ shaving of hair / or any style unacceptable in a professional environment.  Hair must be natural in colour.  Unusual colours / highlights / tints are not permitted.  Items such as Alice bands should be plain black and only worn if actually holding the hair in place.  Extensions or braids that are significantly different to the students’ natural hair colour are not permitted.

Sensible plain black sturdy shoes, which cover the foot are required.  These will be low heeled and should be free from motifs or other adornments / designs / colours.  When it is snowing, appropriate footwear such as waterproof or leather boots may be worn.  Any shoes which only cover the toes are not acceptable for the safety of the child.  Plain black boots may only be worn under trousers if trouser meets the ankle.  Boots may not be worn with skirts.

Sports tops, denim, leather / leather look jackets, hooded tops, fashion jackets, gilets, sweatshirts, baseball caps, do-rags and any other unsuitable clothing will be confiscated by any member of the Academy staff and handed to Head of Year to follow up with the student / parent / carer.  A waterproof coat may be worn over the blazer.  Only a small logo / brand / badge will be allowed.

Jewellery other than one pair of plain silver / gold studs in the ears, one simple finger ring per hand and one bracelet should not be worn. A watch is acceptable.  No other facial or body piercings should be visible.  Nose studs / rings are banned and a retainer should be worn at all times on site - if required.  Body piercings are unacceptable in PE lessons and students are responsible for removing these prior to lessons for safety reasons.  Students who display more than one earring per ear / unsuitable earrings / rings / nose studs / rings / bracelets / jewellery or any other additional, unsuitable, items will have them confiscated on first sight and handed to Head of Year.   Watches are to be used for telling the time only, not for communication purposes.

 All students in Years 7 to 11 must wear Academy uniform and must also adhere to the following:

Trousers must be black fabric and not of stretchy, leather, denim, jeans or Lycra type material, nor style, which should not include studs, zips, nor be legging / jegging types of clothing are not permitted.

Skirts should be black and worn “on, or below, the knee.”  Short skirts, or those that are very tight and do not allow free movement, as well as those of see-through material are not acceptable for practical reasons.  Academy ties must be clean, not be defaced in any way and must be tied properly, with the appropriate emblem showing.  Ties that have been defaced will be removed and a new tie will be required to be purchased for the following day from reception.  Blazers must be worn at all times, unless given permission to remove the blazer by the class teacher. In hot weather the Principal will decide if blazers may be removed for the day. Shirts must always be tucked in and top button closed with tie covering.  The Academy uniform should be worn properly at all times, including the journey to and from home each day.  Badges are required for blazers.

Where there is a uniform / appearance issue – parents will be contacted by HOY / SS to resolve the issue.  If the student needs to go home to change or resolve the issue, time missed will be made up after school or at lunch time - as required.   Isolation may also apply in some circumstances.  Any items which are not part of the permitted uniform in the Academy, will be confiscated by any member of staff and kept by HOY until the end of the day.  Repeated incidents will lead to sanctions and parental contact / meetings. 

Members of the Academy Leadership Team and ultimately the Academy Principal will make a decision as to what is / is not acceptable, if there is a discrepancy with any part of this document, or should a new trend arise that “moves the goalposts.”  This decision and the appropriate sanction / course of action will be final. Should students decide to wear masks or be directed to wear masks, student protocols and code of conduct will apply.

**Sixth Form students are required to wear smart professional business clothing.  See Sixth Form Uniform Policy.