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Joseph Leckie Academy

  • Leadership, Empathy, Community, Kindness, Integrity & Environment


Throughout Year 7 students will be given the opportunity to develop their understanding and knowledge of Science and its application in the world around us.

Students will develop a range of skills such as: enquiry, group work and communication.

They will gain experience of using a range scientific equipment and developing skills in data handling and problem solving through a range of scientific scenarios. This will encourage students to think methodically and creatively.

Course Content

The course is broken down into the following units:

Term 1:

  • Space and Solar System.
  • Cells. 
  • Particles. 
  • Atoms/Elements/Compounds / Mixtures.

Term 2:

  •  Reproduction. 
  •  Acid and Alkalis. 
  • Electricity. 
  •  Health. 

Term 3:

  • Light and Sound.
  • Earth and Atmosphere.
  • Interactions and Interdependence.
  • Materials.

Gifted and Talented Provision

Teachers will ensure that:

  • Differentiated tasks are present in lessons to stretch and enhance the learning G&T students.
  • There is also an opportunity to attend the Salters Chemistry Festival.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

  • Science Club.
  • Revision Sessions.
  • STEM (Science, Technology, English & Maths. 


  • Throughout the year students are assessed by end of unit tests, class assessment, practical assessed tasks. and homework's. The end of unit tests are written to cover all levels from level 3 to level 7.
  • Students will receive regular feedback through the marking of exercise books and progress chart which will be in the front of their exercise books.
  • An effort and attainment grade is reported each half term in line with the Academy’s policy.
  • End of year examinations will be carried out in Term 3.

Equipment Required

  • Pen, Ruler , Rubber, Calculator and Coloured Pencils (optional).

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