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Religious Studies

Religious Studies GCSE (AQA 8062)

All students will follow the AQA GCSE specification. They will begin the course in Year 9 and will study the beliefs of two religions throughout the three year course. The content is both interesting and engaging, being taught by enthusiastic specialist teachers.

Religious Studies is a literacy based subject which helps to develop a student’s written and verbal communication skills. Religious Studies challenges and equips students to lead constructive lives in the modern world.  Opportunities will arise for educational visits and external presentations which will enhance the learning experiences.

This is a full GCSE qualification accredited by AQA where students will learn how to apply their literacy skills to develop their ideas for essay based questions. Students will evaluate and reflect on their work and that of their peers throughout the course allowing them to improve and reach their full potential. Communication skills are paramount in the learning as is ability to develop personal opinions with justification and evidence. This course will also help prepare students for the future.


The course offers excellent progression to A-Level courses. Studying religious studies can lead to careers in law, teaching, social work, counselling, nursing, administration, journalism, librarian, minister of religion, youth and community worker and many more.

Course Content

Component 1: The Study of Religions: Beliefs, Teachings and Practices

Content Covered- Beliefs, teachings and practices of 2 religions-

  • Christianity- history, key beliefs- trinity and salvation, worship, festivals, family life.
  • Islam- history, key beliefs- five pillars and the oneness of God, worship, festivals, family life, prophethood.

Component 2: Philosophy and Ethics

Content Covered- Four religious, philosophical and ethical studies themes-

  • Theme A: Relationships and families.
  • Theme B: Religion and life: creation and ethics.
  • Theme D: Religion, peace and conflict.
  • Theme E: Religion, crime and punishment.


Assessment is 100% examination based at the end of the course of study.  Students will sit 2 examinations, both 1 hour and 45 minutes, covering the units studied above. Each exam is worth 50% of the GCSE.