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Joseph Leckie Academy

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Personal Development Programme (PDP)

A significant part of student development from year nine to year eleven is emotional and personal development.

Our personal development programme is rooted in fundamental British values, most notably individual liberty.

With modules covering health and wellbeing, relationships and sex education, careers education, citizenship and finance education, we believe we are equipping our students with all the tools to navigate their lives effectively and know how and when to seek out help should they need it in the future

No Examination

As a non-exam subject, PDP time allows students to be reflective and learn content in new and interesting ways. Guest speakers from the local area also offer students a broader understanding of pressures facing students. The personal development programme concludes early in year eleven to enable students to prepare for their formal examinations.

Personal Development Course Content

Our personal development programme focuses of five key learning areas;

Health and Wellbeing education includes; physical health and wellbeing, mental health and wellbeing, using NHS services effectively, first aid and CPR awareness.

Relationship and Sex Education includes; consent, forming positive relationships, relationship abuse, child-on-child abuse, coping with grief and loss, sex education (including contraception, parenthood and fertility), online relationship risks.

Careers Education includes; target setting, career stereotypes, forming a CV, online reputation and interview preparation (including mock interviews supported by local employers).

Citizenship Education includes; assessing media for misinformation or disinformation, social media benefits and risks, effective debating skills and ideological and religious extremism.

Finance Education includes; Does money make you happy? budgeting, dangers of gambling, types of income and identifying financial exploitation.

If you would like to discuss withdrawing your child from sex education lessons in our PDP curriculum, please complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss this request.