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Joseph Leckie Academy

  • Leadership, Empathy, Community, Kindness, Integrity & Environment


We follow a heavily practical curriculum in Year 7, centred on learning through doing and appraising. We introduce students to keyboards, guitars and percussion instruments and sing a great deal throughout the year. We also use Music Technology (Logic Pro X and explore effects processing, MIDI inputting and audio recording. We introduce forms of notation, and create a graphic score. Students are encouraged to work in groups and pairs, making decisions and judgements through self and peer appraisal in every lesson.

Course Content

The main topics we cover in year 7 are:

  • Friends (singing in parts, chords and drum kit, ensemble performance).
  •  Introduction to Music Technology (using Logic Pro X, MIDI inputting).
  • Samba (cross and polyrhythms, percussion, ensemble awareness). 
  • The Four Seasons (composing to a brief, exploring other genres). 
  • Romeo and Juliet (composing using music technology, programmatic writing). 
  • Lost in Space (Composing and scoring a piece, interpreting scores).

Gifted and Talented Provision

There are numerous performance opportunities for students , as we frequently perform at various school and local events. There is also the chance to receive instrumental tuition on the drum kit, guitar, keyboard and voice. These lessons require regular practice at home, or at lunchtimes.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

  • Choir.
  •  Vocal Club. 
  •  Music Technology Club. 
  •  Various trips and public performances.

Equipment Required

If instrumental lessons are taken, it does help if parents support regular practice at home. We do allow access to school instruments before and after school and at lunchtimes.