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Joseph Leckie Academy

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Modern Foreign Languages

Throughout Key Stage 3, all students study one modern foreign language, currently French, for two hours per week. Students will be set according to their ability but they can move teaching groups as their skills develop. 

Teachers are passionate about the French language and the culture of French speaking countries and relish the chance to share their passion. Lessons are therefore aimed at giving students a desire to develop their use of the language further as well as enabling them to discover a new culture in the most interactive, relevant and fun way. 

Students in Year 7 will sing French songs, cook in French, experience the culture first hand by participating in a French breakfast for example.

Lessons are challenging yet enjoyable and rewarding!

Course Content

During Year 7, students study many topics through 3 themes:.

  • Self, family and friends
  • School and home
  • Food

They will learn how to describe people, talk about their school day and timetable and give their opinions about school.

They will then learn about food in different countries, about healthy eating and again say what they like / dislike and why, together with tasting some French food during a typical French breakfast.

They will start to understand grammatical concepts and use them to talk about themselves and start building a bank of vocabulary and structures which will enable them to communicate at a simple level. They will start to develop some translating skills.

Gifted and Talented Provision

  • Subscription to French magazines for language learners.
  • Session with the Foreign Language assistant.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • French club.
  • Trips to visit France.


  • Students are assessed regularly through regular vocabulary tests and classwork they complete. Assessments following the National Curriculum Programmes of Study will also occur at the end of each topic, based on all 4 skills studied (Reading, writing, listening and speaking).
  • Assessments will be used to track student progress, inform decisions about sets and create individual targets which will raise their aspirations.

Equipment Required

  • French club. 
  • Trips to visit France.

Useful Websites