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Level 1/2 Hospitality & Catering

The course has been designed to develop knowledge and understanding related to a range of topics including hygiene and safety, roles and responsibility of the EHO, food laws and regulations and food allergies and intolerances. You will also learn about the job roles in the hospitality and catering industry as well as the structure of the front and back of house in catering establishments.

Course content

The course content is split in 2 Units:

Unit 1:

You will learn about:

  • All the different parts of the Hospitality industry
  • Different types of hospitality and catering establishments and job roles
  • Different types of hospitality and catering provision for particular situations
  • Front of house and kitchen operations
  • The need and requirements of the customers
  • What makes hospitality and catering businesses successful
  • Issues related to nutrition and food safety.

Unit 2:

You will apply your knowledge of nutrition and menu planning to plan, prepare and present dishes in a safe and hygienic manner that are suitable for different customer needs and requirements.

You will also learn about how environmental issues impact on menu planning and choices.


40% of marks are gained through external examination, taken at the end of Year 11

60% of marks are gained through completing one internal assessment task.

Unit 1 – The Hospitality and Catering Industry (40%)

You will need to gain knowledge of all parts of the industry and be able to propose new hospitality and catering provision for a particular location.  You should be able to identify different types of establishments and job roles to determine the best option.

Unit 2 - The Food Preparation Assessment (60%)

This unit is based around a given brief in which you will need to complete all the Assessment Criteria: this will form your coursework, along with a practical assessment.  You will use your knowledge gained over the course to carry out preparation, cooking and present nutritional dishes.

How you will be graded?

L1 Pass, L2 Pass, L2 Merit, L2 Distinction, L2 Distinction*


This course offers progression to Level 3 qualifications and is an excellent starting point for students interested in further study or a career in the catering industry.