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Joseph Leckie Academy

  • Develop, Inspire, Promote, Encourage & Respect

Key Staff Contacts

If you need to get in touch for any reason, our key members of staff are listed below. To email a member of staff, please click on their name below. 

Leadership Team

Principal: Mr J Ludlow

Vice Principal: Miss R Cook

Vice Principal: Mr A Banbery

Assistant Principal: Mr T Pochin

Assistant Principal: Mrs L Price

Associate Assistant Principal: Miss N Ravat

Associate Assistant Principal: Miss R Tranter

Associate Assistant Principal/DSL/SPOC: Marie DeRome


Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL): Marie DeRome

Please note that all members of our leadership team are Designated Safeguarding Leads. If your safeguarding concern is urgent and you do not receive a response from Marie, please contact a member of the leadership team. 

Heads of Year

Year 7: Mrs D Etches

Year 8: Miss D Simmonds

Year 9: Mr S Khan

Year 10: Miss T Griffin

Year 11: Mrs A Devey

Year 12/13 (Sixth Form): Mrs R Field

Heads of Department

Head of English: Mr D Lloyd 

Head of Maths: Mr S BenbowMiss N Ravat

Head of Science: Mrs S Raju

Head of Drama: Mr C Sandy

Head of Business Studies: Mr S Bhangal 

Head of ICT and Computer Science: Mr M Ryder

Head of the Business & ICT Faculty: Mr B Edge

Head of History and Politics: Mrs P Kalirai 

Head of Geography: Mrs S Robinson

Head of Religious Studies: Mrs A Garcha 

Head of Psychology: Miss R Tranter 

Head of Sociology: Mrs A Garcha 

Head of EMAC: Mr A Arif

Head of Design & Technology: Mr N Radburn 

Head of Art: Ms C Nyirenda 

Head of Food Technology: Mrs S Storey 

Head of Physical Education: Miss Z Smith 

Head of Health & Social Care (EYE): Mrs N Burns 

Head of Modern Foreign Languages (French): Miss P Tutrice 

Head of Music: Mrs S Jessel 

Head of PDP: Mr C Potter

SEN Coordinator: Mr K Wallworth 

Subject Teachers


Miss S Ahmed

Mr A Arif (Also EMAC Coordinator)

Mrs K Bradley

Mrs L Cleverley

Mrs D Duhaney

Mrs S Gill

Mrs S J Maclachlan

Mrs S Nayyar

Miss E Bayley

Mrs H Potter

Mrs Z Saddiqa

Mrs S Sarwar

Mrs L Price


Mr S Benbow

Miss N Ravat

Mrs N Ahmed

Mrs L Bhatoey 

Mr S Aslam

Mr S Penksik

Miss E Harris

Mr S Khan

Mr H Raza

Mr M Sulemana

Mrs A Hussain

Miss K Iqbal

Mr E Tumba


Mrs S Raju

Mrs S Bhandal

Ms D Newby

Mr O Patel

Mrs J Rana

Mr S Sahajpal

Mrs A Saddiqa

Mr H Sidhu

Mr D Truby

Mr H Hussain

Mrs S Kilabi

Mr S Mohan

Miss O Mahmood


Miss P Tutrice

Mr M Dowson

Mrs F Burton

Health & Social Care

Mrs N Burns

Mrs K Matthews

Mrs A Shipley

Religious Studies

Mrs A Garcha

Miss D Simmonds

Miss S Brogan


Miss M Cannon

Mrs J Manning 

Ms V Stead

Mrs S Robinson


Mrs P Kalirai

Miss E Southworth

Miss L Jones

Mr J Barron

Mr D Giles

Mr J Greaves


Miss R Tranter

Miss S Brogan

Miss R Cook


Ms C Nyrienda

Miss T Griffin

Mrs H Van Daalen

Miss M Cleaver

Performing Arts (Drama)

Mr C Sandy

Mrs N Maynard

Miss Z Rokita


Mrs S Jessel

Mr L Sargent

Physical Education

Miss Z Smith

Mr A Allen

Mr T Pochin

Miss N Shutt-Nullis

Mr A Taylor

Mr A Banbery


Mr A Arif

Mrs R Begum

Mr A Chopdat

Mrs A Milne

Mrs M Matharu

Design & Technology

Mr N Radburn

Mr C Potter

Mrs N Williams

Miss T Patel

Food Technology

Mrs S Storey

Mrs A Iddles

Business Studies

Mr B Edge.

Mr S Bhangal

Mrs D Hubbard

Mrs R Sahajpal

Mrs N Meah


Mrs R Field

Mr A Gilbert

Mrs C Hodges-Green

Mrs C Ebanks-Powell

Mr M Ryder

Year 7 Form Tutors

7-PA - Mr O Patel

7-DW - Mr M Dowson

7-BT - Mrs F Burton

7-JE - Mrs S Jessel

7-SR - Mr L Sargent

7-ED/HI - Mr B Edge/Miss S Hill

7-TL - Mr A Taylor

7-OW - Mrs N Owen

7-AL - Mr A Allen

7-ME/HU - Mrs N Meah/Mrs D Hubbard

Year 8 Form Tutors

Year 9 Form Tutors

Year 10 Form Tutors 

10-AQ - Mrs A Siddiqa/Mrs S Kilabi

10-ST - Miss Z Smith

10-TY - Mr D Truby

10-BD - Mrs S Bhandal

10-HS - Mr H Hussain

10-RN - Mrs J Rana

10-SG - Mr H Sidhu

10-SJ - Mr S Sahajpal

10-SO - Mrs S Storey

Year 11 Form Tutors

Year 12/13 Form Tutors

IT Support

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