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Government Free School Meal Voucher Scheme

Update: 01/05/20 - We are aware of some issues with delayed delivery of vouchers from the EdenRed system. This is unfortunately out of our control and we are monitoring the situation. We can confirm that orders have been placed.

During these challenging times, many families have been concerned about how they will receive the financial support they need to feed their children at home without the free school meal entitlement during the partial closure of schools.

To help deliver this support, Edenred UK are working with the Department for Education (DfE) to deliver supermarket vouchers to those families, where schools are not able to make food available directly to families.

Joseph Leckie Academy are now using this scheme to support its students, who are entitled to Free School Meals in this way.

Please note: The scheme requires you to have an email address for distribution of the vouchers. If you don't have one, free accounts are available from both Google and Microsoft. If you are unable to do this please contact the Academy.

Please note: Submissions for Vouchers for weeks commencing 06/04/2020 & 13/04/2020 need to be sent to the Academy by
8am on the 13/04/2020.

Submit your details for verification of contact details:

Please use the form linked below to confirm your details for receiving the Free School Meal vouchers.

Click here to provide your details.

Further Guidance will be available soon.

Parent & Carer FAQs

1. What’s the difference between an eCode and an eGift card?

eCode – This is a 16 digit code which will be sent to you if you receive an email from your school. You will need this code to access and select your supermarket eGift card. You cannot use the eCode directly with the retailer, it must be exchanged for an eGift card.

eGift card – each supermarket has their own eGift card. To order your eGift, redeem your eCode at The eGift card will be sent to the email address entered during check-out and can be spent instore at the chosen supermarket. Your school may select your eGift card for you and either print it and post it to you, or arrange for you to collect it.

2. How do I use my eCode to select a supermarket eGift card?

We recommend ordering your supermarket eGift at home before going to the store.

To select your supermarket eGift card, follow the steps below:

1. Copy your eCode from your email

2. Go to

3. Enter the 16 digit eCode (you can enter more than one eCode if you have more than one eCode to redeem)

4. Select a supermarket

5. Enter the amount and add to basket

6. Checkout and enter the email address you would like the eGift card to be sent to

7. Your eGift card will be processed and sent (please allow up to 3 hours for it to be delivered to your inbox)

3. What supermarkets can I pick from?

You can use your Free School Meal entitlement in the stores below:

  • Morrisons
  • Tesco
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Asda
  • Waitrose (John Lewis)
  • M&S food

4. How do I know what the value of the eCode is?

The value of your eCode is stated in the email sent to you by the school.

5. Do I have to use the full value of the eCode when choosing my eGift card(s)?

Yes – your balance will be visible on the webpage.

6. Can I choose to redeem my eCode at more than one supermarket?

You can mix and match different supermarket retailers within the same order, provided the total value you’ve chosen for each is equal to total value of the eCode you’ve entered.

For example, with a £10 eCode, you could choose £5 for Tesco and £5 for Sainsbury’s.

Simply enter the value you would like to order on each supermarket eGift card and your balance will update so you know how much you have left.

Please note that the full value of the eCode needs to be redeemed in one transaction, you cannot redeem a partial value of the code and save the rest for later.

Most supermarkets accept multiples of £1 or 1p per eGift card, however some other supermarkets have larger fixed amounts that can be ordered, e.g £10.

7. How long do I have to redeem the eCode?

Your eCode will expire after 1 month.

8. What happens if my eCode has expired?

The eCode is cancelled and the money associated is then returned to the Department for Education.

9. What can I purchase in-store with the eGift card?

The eGift card is issued to you in respect of the free school meal benefit and will only be accepted in store for the purchase of food and groceries.

10.How do I know what the value of the eGift card is?

The value will be present on the eGift card itself.

11.How do I use a supermarket eGift card?

A supermarket eGift card is a digital voucher. The eGift card email contains a link to a barcode which can be presented at the till in-store either on a smartphone screen or printed on a piece of paper, just like a gift card.

Some eGift cards can be used to purchase online. Please see Q13

12.How long does the supermarket eGift card last for?

Please see the table below: 

Supermarket Expiry
Sainsbury's 24 months from last transaction
Tesco 5 years from last transaction
Asda 24 months from last transaction
Morrisons 12 months expiry
Waitrose (John Lewis) 24 months from last transaction
M&S Food 24 months from last transaction
Aldi - Available from 27/04/2020  
McColls - Available from 29/04/2020  

For more T&Cs, please refer to the supermarket’s website.

13.Can the vouchers be used in-store and online?

Please see the table below:

Supermarket In-store Online
Sainsbury's Yes No
Tesco Yes  No
Asda Yes Yes
Morrisons Yes No
Waitrose (John Lewis) Yes Yes
M&S Food Yes No
Aldi Yes No
McColls Yes No

For more T&Cs, please refer to the supermarket’s website.

14.My school has ordered an eCode for me, but it hasn’t come through to my email? 

Firstly, check your junk mail. If it still hasn’t arrived within 3 hours, please contact your school to ensure that they have your correct email address. If necessary, the school administrator can cancel the previously sent eCode and resend to your correct email address. If this still doesn’t work, your school can contact Edenred.

15.I have ordered an eGift card, but it hasn’t come through to my email?

Firstly, check your junk mail folder and trash.

You will receive two emails - one will be a confirmation or your order and the other will be the eGift card itself. If your order confirmation email has arrived, then your eGift card is in a queue and is on its way. If you've received neither emails, it is possible that you have entered your email address incorrectly at checkout. If you think this may be the case, please contact

16.What happens if I have a smartphone but no data when I’m at the supermarket?

We suggest ordering your eGift card at home when connected to WIFI before you go to the supermarket. Take a screenshot of the eGift card barcode before going to the supermarket as this should still scan ok in-store.

17.I’m not able to get to the supermarket.

You can forward the supermarket eGift card to someone else to purchase goods on your behalf if you’re not able to get to the supermarket. The eGift card email contains a link to a barcode which can be presented at the till in-store, just like a gift card.

18.How often will I receive the supermarket voucher?

The school will have flexibility in how often they send you an eCode or an eGift card. The eCode can be redeemed for a supermarket eGift card within 1 month. The eGift cards have different expiry dates – please see Q12 for further details.

19.I have more than one child, will I receive multiple eCodes?

This will be at the discretion of your school who may issue an eCode for each of your children or, alternatively, may send one eCode to you, for the total value of your children’s free school meal entitlement.