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BTEC Tech Award in Travel & Tourism

Students will follow the Edexcel Tech Award in Travel and Tourism course. They will begin the course in Year 9 and will complete 3 Components/units by the end of Year 11.
The course is designed to provide Level 1/2 learners with:

  • A knowledge and understanding of the travel and tourism industry.
  • Skills such as research, specifically in relation to destinations and customer needs.
  • Reflective practice
  • The ability to apply knowledge and understanding of travel and tourism to a variety of contexts.

Edexcel Level 1/2

The course is equivalent to 1 GCSE qualification during which students will be given the opportunity to develop a range of skills gaining access to a range of career and further education opportunities.

  • Students will develop and apply their knowledge and understanding of travel and tourism, including trends and customer requirements.
  • They will develop an understanding of travel and tourism organisations, destination features, types of visitors, travel, and accommodation.
  • They will analyse the factors influencing travel and tourism and how organisations respond to these through application of their knowledge and understanding to specific contexts.

Course Content-Three Components 

Component 1: Explore-Travel and Tourism Organisations and Destinations (Level 1/2).

Component 2: Develop-Influences on Global Travel and Tourism (Level 1/2).

Component 3: Apply-Customer Needs in Travel and Tourism (Level 1/2).


Component 1- Examine the types and aims of organisations, including different travel destinations.
Assessment: Internally assessed assignments Weighting: 30% of total course.

Component 2- Investigate global travel and tourism and its impact on global destinations.

Assessment:  Externally assessed, written paper that requires learners to apply their knowledge and understanding.

Weighting: 40% of total course. (70 Marks)

Component 3- Understand how organisations use market research within the travel and tourism industry.

Assessment: Internally assessed synoptic assignments.

Weighting: 30% of total course.


The course aims to give learners the opportunity to progress to higher qualifications such as the Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Travel & Tourism, A-levels or Apprenticeship courses.