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Joseph Leckie Academy

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Art and Design GCSE (OCR J170-176)

Art and Design GCSE is the right subject for you if you are a creative and independent learner. The skills you need to succeed in Art and Design GCSE are not just drawing and painting. We use a range of artistic skills including printing, photography, pastels, model making, graphic design and illustration. You will explore, experiment and create different pieces of work that reflect your interests and ideas. You need to be committed to putting in the time to develop and create work. The GCSE builds on skills students have been developing throughout Key Stage 3 Art.

Course Content

Students will learn how to use a variety of materials and techniques including; observational drawing, watercolour and acrylic painting, mixed media, printing, chalk and oil pastels, pencil crayon and pen and 3D construction. Students will be guided by their Art and Design teacher on how to use different materials and then apply these skills to their own work. Students will produce work on sketchbook style pages and larger scale pieces on paper, canvas, or 3D in card, clay, paper mache and Mod Roc. Students will become familiar with the assessment objectives of the GCSE and how to design and produce a well-balanced project. The emphasis is on personalised learning and as such students will be confident and competent when embarking on their GCSE work.

In year 10 students will produce a portfolio of work that will demonstrate a range of skills, materials and techniques. This portfolio will be based on a theme or topic which students will explore through observational studies, artist and contextual research, and experimentation with materials and techniques. In year 11 students will plan and create a personal response to their theme focusing on their key strengths and interests. students will be given their exam topic in January of year 11 for which you will have 10 weeks to prepare a final piece.


OCR GCSE Art and Design is marked in 2 sections. Students will be assessed on their coursework portfolio which is marked out of 60% and their exam which is marked out of 40%, resulting in a mark out of 100%

Students submit a coursework portfolio and examination portfolio and final piece that will be marked by their Art and Design teacher and externally moderated by the exam board. In the final GCSE year the exam board will set a task and students have 10 weeks to prepare an idea for their exam. During a 10 hour exam students will make their final piece.


Professional artists, craftspeople and designers all start somewhere and our GCSE Art and Design course provides endless opportunities to develop student interests which can also follow into other industries and businesses. The creative industries are the fastest growing of all areas and add £76 billion pounds to our economy every year.

GCSE Art and Design offers progression onto A Level Art and Design.