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Joseph Leckie Academy

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For students who enjoy being creative, want to increase their practical skills and improve analytical communication and research abilities, Art and Design is a great choice.

The skills gained through studying Art and Design make it a great complement to other subjects. Art is a way of seeing things and making sense of the world around us. It can help students with further study and prepare them for the world of work.
Students often believe they require a natural ability to study Art and Design however this is not the case and all of the skills required can and will be taught as in any other subject. 

All that is required is that they enjoy Art!  The departments highly successful results reflect the fact the Art team are able to assess students’ individual strengths and utilise them, to help them achieve their true potential.

Course Content

At the start of Year 9 students will embark on studies that will introduce them to a range of materials and techniques. They will become familiar with the assessment objectives of the GCSE and how to design and produce a well-balanced project. The emphasis is on personalised learning and as such students will be confident and competent when embarking on their GCSE work.

In the Summer term in year 9 students will embark on their Art and Design coursework project. The project consists of development of preparatory work, artist research and a final piece in a chosen media such as painting, collage, drawing or sculpture. All of the 4 assessment objectives will be covered in this project.

Students will also be required to complete a controlled unit based on an examination question provided by OCR. In response to a given starting point and the four assessment objectives, students   will complete preparatory, research, and developmental work, leading to a final piece.  They will have up to 12 weeks to prepare for the examination in this subject.


All work is internally assessed and then externally moderated. The final grade awarded is achieved from a combination of course work (60%) and the controlled assessment examination (40%).


The course offers progression to Fine Art A ‘Level.  Many professions require artistic skills, such as graphic design, fashion design, architecture and fine art.