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Mental Health Awareness Week 21st May

Mental well- being describes how you are feeling and how well you can cope with day to day life. Stress, loneliness, inactivity, lack of sleep can affect our mental wellbeing.

We know this is a difficult time for many of you, with the spread of coronavirus impacting our lives in various ways. We know that talking about mental health can feel awkward, but it doesn't have to.

What can you do for Mental Health Awareness Week 18th -24th May?

It is all about being kind to yourself by taking some time out each day for yourself.

Please look for further information and advice throughout the week across the Academy’s social media platforms and website.

Mental Health Awareness Week -Thursday 21st May 2020

Learning doesn't only happen in the classroom. We learn some of the most important life skills at home and from other experiences. 

In order to be happy, successful and fulfil their personal potential, young people need confidence, resilience, communication and self-awareness.

The activities below will support young people to develop these key skills, improving their overall wellbeing. 

The series of activity sheets are designed to take between 20-50 minutes  

Activities Journey Planner

Setting goals is a great way to get a young person thinking about their future. To reach a goal though, there are many steps along the way.

Try this journey mapper to break down the goals into smaller steps

Confidence - Activity 1

It's ok if you're having a wobble. 

“Managing mental illness is mostly about acceptance – of the things you can’t do, and the things you must.”