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Music - RSL level 2 Certificate

Students choosing music as an option will follow the RSL Music Practitioner specification, which is assessed through a combination of coursework and an externally assessed performance unit. The course develops performing skills, alongside general musicianship – such as listening and analysing.

The course supports key life skills including project management, self-motivation, organisation and independent learning.

RSL Level 2  

This course is a Level 2 qualification, and will help to develop general musicianship as well as introducing industry level music software.

The course is designed to prepare students with skills that are valued in further education and employment, such as independent working and analysis, and will support other areas of the curriculum.

Course Content

Externally Assessed Performance Unit

Unit 201ta: Music Genres

Unit 202ta: Live Music Performance

Unit 204ta: Improving Instrumental/Vocal Skills


Live Music Performance Exam – consisting of 10-15 minutes of live performance, given as one continuous performance.

Coursework – Two coursework units are required.

Unit 201ta looks at two contrasting genres of music, and the unique features of them

Unit 204ta looks at developing skills on an instrument or voice.

Skills Needed for this course:

Students will need to enjoy performing to an audience. Weekly instrumental or vocal lessons are provided in school to help with this.

Students will need to be well-motivated and able to work and rehearse on their own, or as part of a group.


The course prepares students for further study in music and music technology qualifications, such as A Level Music Technology, the BTEC Level 3 in music, or the RSL Level 3 Vocational courses. All of these courses which will support university entrance.

It also prepares students for progression to employment or apprenticeship within the music industry, for example roles as stage crew, working within music venues, music agencies and promotion, and music retail and sales.