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Joseph Leckie Academy

  • Develop, Inspire, Promote, Encourage & Respect

Academy Mission Statement

Our main aims are to:


Fully develop the talents of all our students so that they achieve their full potential whilst helping them to understand the positive benefits of working with others.


Inspire creative and imaginative thinking whilst increasing their skills of independent enquiry.


Promote the growth of sound morality and lay the foundations for a happy, successful and healthy adult life.


To equip students with a positive attitude to learning and life; be equipped with the skills that will enable them to participate effectively in an ever changing society.


To produce a greater level of respect for themselves and others, by developing an awareness of the role and contribution of the individual within a local, national and international context.

Your co-operation is imperative. To help us achieve the best for our students we ask that you:

  • Get in touch with the Academy straight away if you have any concerns whatsoever.
  • Monitor your son/daughter’s homework and speak to us if you have any queries.
  • Ensure that your son/daughter is punctual and well presented by adhering to our Academy Uniform policy.
  • Make every effort possible to join us at Academy events, such as Parent’s Evening and other events to increase our parental engagement.
  • Keep us updated of any changes in your details, such as telephone/email/address changes. This is especially important in case of emergencies.
  • Work with us wherever possible to ensure that your son/daughter reaches their full potential, during their time here at Joseph Leckie Academy.